30 September 2019

Quail is a Pretty Bird
Dennis Murphy's Polka (D)
Coleman's March (D)
Bell's Favorite (D)
Sailing Over England (D)
Spiderweb Canyon (D)
June Apple
Sheilah Coyle's (D)
Dick Gossip (D)
Old Horse & Buggy-O (A)
Tippin' Back the Corn (A)
Road to Glountane (A)
Derry Reel (A)
Red Prairie Dawn (A)
The Riddle (em?)
Irishman's Heart to the Ladies (A)
Kaynor's Frolic (G)
John Brown's March (G)
Mouse in the Cupboard (G)
Cooley's (em)
Jamie Allen (G)
Arizona (G)
Tipper's Reel (G)
Quail is a Pretty Bird
Planxty Fanny Power (G)
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