How it started

Once upon a time, there was a Monday night contra dance in the center of Amherst.  Its history is another story, but one of its salient features was a sit-in band–cheerful, friendly, engaging, fun, and a fine way for musicians to play out.  Then it was decreed by the new organizers that there would be no more sitting in, so what were the musicians to do?  Sit home and sulk?  Of course not.  So began the Monday night session, not in Amherst, but a few miles north in the village of Montague Center.

See David’s comment below for a more detailed version and a few conversational gambits.

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5 November

Spootiskerry (G)
Reel Africain (G)
Through the Gates (D)
Ferrie Reel (D)
Lay Dee at Dee (D)
Tooth Fairy Jig (La Fée aux Dents) (G)
Chief O'Neill's Favorite (D)
Racine le Beau (G)
Pols from Röros (sp?)
Montague Processional (D)
Morrison's Jig (em)
The Co-op Reel (G)
Reel D-something
Lucky Trapper (G?)
Pressley Manor (D)
Old French (D)
Mouth of the Tobique (G)
Haapavesi (D)
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30 October 2018

The astute observer will figure out that tonight's session included 
no banjo players.

Paddy on the RR (D)
Yet another version of Speed the Plow (key unremembered)
Farrell O'Gara's (D)
Farrell O'Gara's Favorite (A)
Robertson's (A)
Cat on a Leash (A)
Jump at the Sun (gm)
Halloween Jig (bm/D)
Tuttle's (dm)
Sgt. Early's Dream (dm)
Cuil Aodha (many spellings) Jig (A) 
The Field in the Forest (F)
Calliope House (E)
Rainy Night in Montague (D modal)
Hommage à Edmund Parizeau (A)
Pat the Budgie (C)
Democratic Rage Hornpipe (Bb)
Little Burnt Potato (D)
Fiddle Hill Jig (G/D)
The Old Rocking Chair (A)
Josephine's Baptismal Waltz (G)
. . .
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22 October 2018

St. Anne's (D)
Little Burnt Potato (D)
Farewell Tryon (C)
Dominion Reel (C)
Texas Gale (C)
Cherokee Shuffle (G, then A)
Rory O'More (A)
Denver Belle
Amelia's Waltz (D)
Palm Sunday (am)
Star Above the Garter (G)
Hollow Poplar (G)
Cold Frosty Morning (a modal)
O'Carolan's Draft (C/G[?])
Chief O'Neill's Favorite (D)
The West End (D)
Lady Ann Montgomery (D)
. . . and more
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15 October 2018

Barrowburn (D)
Morrison's Jig (em)
Ora Lee (G)
Elk River Blues
The Volunteer (G)
Swallowtail Jig (em)
Lucky Trapper (G)
Fisher Branch (G)
Home with the Girls in the Morning
Steamboat Quickstep (A)
Old Horse & Buggy-O (A)
Hommage à Edmund Parizeau (A)
Speed the Plow (A)
Bull at the Wagon (A)
Walk Old Shoe (D)
[Lazy John, G]
Reel Ti-Mé (D)
Woodchopper's (D)
St. Anne's (D)
Needlecase (D)
A Civil-War-era tune in D
. . . more, undocumented
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1 October 2018

Irish Sweepstakes Piano (G)
The Wise Maid (D)
Camp Meeting on the 4th of July (D)
Bell's Favorite (D)
Gaspe Reel (D)
Grasshopper Sittin' on a Sweet Potato Vine (D)
Banshee (G) aka McMahon's (sp?)
Reel Winnipeg (G)
Teabag Blues (G)
Spootiskerry (G)
Reel de Montreal (G/D)
Galen's Arrival (G)
Shove That Pig's Foot (G)
Flowers of Edinburgh (G)
Out on the Ocean (G)
Svensson Girls, aka Flickorna Svensson (G)
Booth Shot Lincoln (A)
As I Went Out Upon the Ice (am)
. . .

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17 September 2018

Glise a Sherbrooke (G)
McIntyre's (G)
Taggart's (G)
Aimee Gagnon (G)
Magpie (G)
Little Nell (G)
Jimmy Ward's (G)
Saut du Lapin (G)
Duck, Duck, Go (G)
Gigue du Salon (A)
Marche au Camp (G)
A Good Reid (D)
Jaybird (D)
Scotty O'Neil (D)
Morpeth Rant (D)
Matt's Jig (A)
Frank's (A)
North Carolina Breakdown (G)
Quail is a Pretty Bird (D)
Money Musk (A)
Shenandoah Falls (A)
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24 September 2018

Paddy on the RR, aka The Merry Blacksmith (D)
Johnny, Johnny, Don't Get Drunk (D)
Durang's Hornpipe (D)
Rambling Pitchfork (D)
Shandon Bells (D)
Montague Reel (D)
Pipe on the Hob (D modal)
Leather Away the Wattle-O (D)
Gigue du Salon (A)
Little Billy Wilson (A)
The Rambler, aka (something) Bells (A)
Tippin' Back the Corn (A)
Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap (A modal)
Bull at the Wagon (A)
Hollow Poplar (G)
Seneca Square Dance (G)
Some other tune(s)

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