Spiderweb Canyon is a tune by David’s twins from North Carolina, Katie and Corie Pressley.  You can hear a sound file of a solo fiddle recording at  The tunes are alphabetical, so you will have to scroll way down the page.

Twin Delights is a tune David wrote for his North Carolina twins.

The processional tune for Montague May Day, 7 May 2018, is Pressley Manor .

The West End is a tune that David would like to see us play more often.  This is David’s transcription, which includes some C naturals in the B part.  Beware if you play this elsewhere, as those C naturals are not in all versions of the tune.

Two versions of David’s tune for Shirley.  The second includes a low harmony line.



Brea’s transcription of Reel a Gilbert:  reel-a-gilbert-transcription-by-brea

From the archives, David’s decades-old transcription of the May Day tune for 2017, Gånglåt från Äppelbo.  Updated transcription possibly forthcoming, but the tune itself will probably be much the same.

[David here]  My Google Drive has many transcriptions and some of them might even be useful!  If you’re interested in browsing and possibly downloading, this link should connect you: