1 October 2018

Irish Sweepstakes Piano (G)
The Wise Maid (D)
Camp Meeting on the 4th of July (D)
Bell's Favorite (D)
Gaspe Reel (D)
Grasshopper Sittin' on a Sweet Potato Vine (D)
Banshee (G) aka McMahon's (sp?)
Reel Winnipeg (G)
Teabag Blues (G)
Spootiskerry (G)
Reel de Montreal (G/D)
Galen's Arrival (G)
Shove That Pig's Foot (G)
Flowers of Edinburgh (G)
Out on the Ocean (G)
Svensson Girls, aka Flickorna Svensson (G)
Booth Shot Lincoln (A)
As I Went Out Upon the Ice (am)
. . .

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