15 October 2018

Barrowburn (D)
Morrison's Jig (em)
Ora Lee (G)
Elk River Blues
The Volunteer (G)
Swallowtail Jig (em)
Lucky Trapper (G)
Fisher Branch (G)
Home with the Girls in the Morning
Steamboat Quickstep (A)
Old Horse & Buggy-O (A)
Hommage à Edmund Parizeau (A)
Speed the Plow (A)
Bull at the Wagon (A)
Walk Old Shoe (D)
[Lazy John, G]
Reel Ti-Mé (D)
Woodchopper's (D)
St. Anne's (D)
Needlecase (D)
A Civil-War-era tune in D
. . . more, undocumented
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