28 October 2019

Taggart's (G)
Mairi's Wedding (G)
Cold Frosty Morning (am/A modal)
Silver and Gold Two-Step (D)
Home with the Girls in the Morning (dm)
Boy's Lament for His Dragon (D)
Jack's Life (G)
Tooth Fairy Jig, aka La Fée des Dents (G)
Le Canal en Octobre (G)
Hollow Poplar (G)
Shove That Pig's Foot (G)
2019-10-19 Waltz (G)
Stool of Repentance (A)
Big John McNeil (A)
Old Horse & Buggy-O (A)
Bill Cheatham (A)
Hangman's Reel (A)
Planxty Irwin (D)
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