24 June 2019

Tippin' Back the Corn (A)
Buck Mountain (D)
Sailing Over England (D)
Dubuque (D)
Yellow Barber (D)
Dog Bit Me on the Toe (G or cross A)
Little Nell (G)
Cowboy's Dream (D)
Little Dutch Girl (A)
Willie Coleman's (G)
Cliffs of Mohr (em)
Jacky Tar (em)
Possum Up a Gum Stump (G)
My Love is but a Lassie Yet (D)
Cold Frosty Morning (am)
Growling Old Man and Grumbling Old Woman (am)
Leather Away the Wattle-O
Ora Lee (G)
Cuffy (G)
Roscoe (G)
Star of Bethlehem (D)
Soapsuds Over the Fence (D)
Shepherd's Wife (key under discussion)
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