4 March 2019

Ora Lee (G)
Jimmy Ward's, aka Timmy Clifford (G)
Lucky Trapper (G)
Garster's Dream (G)
March of St. Timothy (G)
In the Great Room (G)
Cuffy (G)
Tooth Fairy Jig (Fee des Dents) (G)
Tipping Back the Corn (A)
Little Dutch Girl (A)
Gigue du Salon (A)
Stamey Creek (A)
Little Billy Wilson (A)
Fleur de Mandragore (A)
Easy Club (A)
Millers Reel (A)
Speed the Plow (A)
Atholl Highlanders (A)
Scotch Hornpipe (D)
Rannie MacLellan (D)
Honey Locust (D)
Southwind (G)

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