28 January 2019

Camp Meeting on the 4th of July (D)
Possum Up a Gum Stump (G version unintentionally played in D)
The Glen of A . . . (em)
Honey Locust (D)
Tippin' Back the Corn (A)
Breton Schottische #2 (D)
Possum up a Gum Stump (the one really in D)
Reel Africaine (G)
L'Aire Mignon (A)
Cuffy (G)
Roscoe (G)
On the First Day of the Year (G)
Galen's Arrival (G)
Arizona (G)
Korolenko (G)
Cliffs of Moher (am)
Out on the Ocean (G)
[Birthday Cake in the key of pineapple upside-down]
Shenandoah Falls (A)
Old Grey Cat (em)
Don Tremaine's (D)
Grey Owl (D)
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