7 January 2019

Far From Home (G)
Mouth of the Tobique (G)
Sheehan's Reel (G)
Old Yellow Dog Come Trotting Through the Meetinghouse (G)
Colored Aristocracy (G)
Sal, Won't You Marry Me (G)
Swinging on a Gate (G)
Gray Owl (D)
Walk Old Shoe (D)
8th of January (D)
You Told Me That You Loved Me, mais en francais (D)
Rannie MacLellan (D)
Idlewild Jig (D)
Humors of Trim, aka The Rolling Wave (D)
Banshee (G)
Wissahickon Drive (A)
Little Billy Wilson (A)
Bill Cheatum (A)
Old Horse and Buggy-O (A)
June Apple, aka Train on the Island (A)
Hommage a Edmund Parizeau (A)
St. Antoine's (A)
Crested Hen
The Butterfly
Bus Stop (am)
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