30 October 2018

The astute observer will figure out that tonight's session included 
no banjo players.

Paddy on the RR (D)
Yet another version of Speed the Plow (key unremembered)
Farrell O'Gara's (D)
Farrell O'Gara's Favorite (A)
Robertson's (A)
Cat on a Leash (A)
Jump at the Sun (gm)
Halloween Jig (bm/D)
Tuttle's (dm)
Sgt. Early's Dream (dm)
Cuil Aodha (many spellings) Jig (A) 
The Field in the Forest (F)
Calliope House (E)
Rainy Night in Montague (D modal)
Hommage à Edmund Parizeau (A)
Pat the Budgie (C)
Democratic Rage Hornpipe (Bb)
Little Burnt Potato (D)
Fiddle Hill Jig (G/D)
The Old Rocking Chair (A)
Josephine's Baptismal Waltz (G)
. . .
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