6 August 2018

On this dense & sultry evening, trying not to drip onto our
instruments, we played:

Bill Cheatham (A)
Kitchen Girl (A modal)
I'll Learn You How to Rock, Andy (A modal)
Spotted Pony (D)
Luke the Bear (D)
Golden Slippers (G)
Ross's Reel (F)
Field in the Forest (F)
Laurie in F (F)
St. Anne's (D)
Swinging on a Gate (G)
Stool of Repentance (A)
A Jig (A)
West End (D)
McQuillen's Squeezebox (C)
Arizona, in C
Hommage à J. Bouchard (C)
Union Street Session (D)
Stamey Creek (A)
Through the Gates (D)

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