19 February 2018

Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine (D)
Road to Boston (D)
Hens Feet & Carrots (G)
Dusty Bob's Jig (G)
Green Apple Quickstep (G)
Arkansas Traveler (G)
Old French (D)
Reconciliation (A)
Humors of Trim (D)
Petronella (D)
The Wild One (dm)
Mairi's Wedding (G)
Hut on Staffin Island (D)
Cold Frosty Morning (am)
Boy's Lament for His Dragon, aka the 72nd's Farewell to Aberdeen (D)
Flying Home to Shelley (G)
Larry's Waltz (G)
Round the Horn (G)
Highland Laddie (G)
Rights of Man (em)
Booth Shot Lincoln (A)
Scolley's (em)
more . . .


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