7 August 2017: what we played

High Clouds (G)
Going Down to Cairo (D)
Leather Away the Wattle-O (D)
Hens Feet & Carrots (G)
Morpeth Rant (D)
Farewell to Whiskey (G)
Flying Cloud Cotillion (G/D)
Planxty Fanny Power (G)
Mississippi Sawyer (D)
Shoes & Stockings (G)
(Gaelic) Jig with No Name (G)
Needlecase (D)
Ducks on the Millpond
St. Antoine’s (A)
Ora Lee (G)
Salvation (A)
Luke the Bear (D)
Glory in the Meetinghouse (E)
. . . and then more, unrecorded.

The quote of the evening, Shirley to David: “I know what your moderato is.”

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