20 February: what we played

Morpeth Rant (D)
Angelina Baker (D)
Fisher's Hornpipe (D)
Gaspe Reel (D)
Sarah's Jig (D)
Old Horse & Buggy-O (A) - from Mary Beth; also in P3
Booth Shot Lincoln (A)
Reel a Gilbert (A) - from Brea
Steamboat Quickstep (A)
Spootiskerry (G)
Possum Up a Gum Stump (G)
Congress Reel (em)
Leake County Two-Step (G)
New tune by David; title tbd
Racine le Beau (G)
Ora Lee (G) - from Maria
Valse du Bapteme
. . . and then the scribe had to go home.

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