29 May 2017: What we played

Soldier's Joy (D)
Rainy Night in Montague (D modal?)
Nail that Catfish (G)
Duck River (D)
Seneca Square Dance (G)
Benton's Dream (A modal)
Harvest Home (I think; key?)
Amelia's (D)
Booth Shot Lincoln (A)
Off to California (G)
Harvest Home (D)
Fleur de Mandragore (A)
Needlecase (D)
Hommage à Edmund Parizeau (A)
Morrison's Jig (em)
Paddy on the RR, aka The Merry Blacksmith (D)
Speed the Plow (A)
Little Dutch Girl (A)
Round the Horn (G)
Lisnagun Jig (C)
St. Anne's Reel (D)
Camp Meeting on the 4th of July (D)
My Cape Breton Home (G)
Midnight on the Water (D)
Homework for Tom P. for next time:  Da Slockit Light
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